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#11 The Left’s Far-Right UNtruth


Leftists would like you to believe that Nazis and Fascists are "far Right". But the opposite is true. They are far Left, because Leftism is really about more government control.


Leftists often create new untruths by distorting and reversing the meanings of words, as we show when documenting other Leftist Untruths. One of the most effective of such reversals was to use false definitions to put “Nazism” (National Socialism) and “Fascism” on the Right side of the political spectrum, which is the wrong side for any kind of big government authoritarianism. Big government authoritarianism is Leftism.



What is Fascism?

Fascism cartelizes the private sector and denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals.


"Yes, They Were Socialists: How the Nazis Waged War on Private PropertyWait. Isn’t that a description of what socialism always does? No wonder Nazism was actually National Socialism.


Hitler and Stalin were Leftist Communazis

The Nazis were socialists, and it showed in many of the policies they implemented after coming to power in 1933. First, like the Soviets, the Nazis initiated a war on private property. Not surprisingly, property rights were severely curbed by National Socialism...

John Kennedy, "Yes, They Were Socialists: How the Nazis Waged War on Private Property" (2022)


HITLER WAS A SOCIALIST: Let’s start with a fact so obvious that many Democrats no longer even bother to try and deny it: Hitler was a Socialist.  It is, after all, an awfully hard thing to deny when the name of the party Hitler led was the National Socialist Workers’ Party and the government he ran controlled – either outright through ownership, or de facto via laws and regulations – every essential aspect of the German economy and culture. The latter, in fact, is the very definition of Socialism.

Even Sayet, THE WOKE SUPREMACY: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto (2020)


That Communism and Fascism were essentially the same was long understood.


English writers who consider Communism and Fascism to be the same thing invariably hold that both are monstrous evils which must be fought to the death: on the other hand, any Englishman who believes Communism and Fascism to be opposites will feel that he ought to side with one or the other.

 ...writers like Peter Drucker and F.A. Voigt have argued that Fascism and Communism are substantially the same thing. ...Bernard Shaw, who, for some years at any rate, declared Communism and Fascism to be much the same thing, and was in favour of both of them.

George Orwell, "Second Thoughts on James Burnham" Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom Polemic (1946)


The Fascist Government [in Italy] clung first to the same principles of economic policies which all not outright socialist governments have adopted in our day, interventionism. Then later it turned step by step toward the German system of socialism, i.e., all-round state control of economic activities.

Ludwig von Mises, Human Action (1949­­)


It is true of course that in Germany before 1933, and in Italy before 1922, communist and Nazis or Fascist clashed more frequently with each other than with other parties. They competed for the same type of mind and reserved for each other the hatred of the heretic. But their practice showed how closely they were related.

Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom (1944)


...since ownership is, de facto, the control of a resource, a Nazi, Fascist, or other “centrally planned” system is as much “socialism” as a Communist regime that officially nationalizes property. 

Murray Rothbard, Man, Economy, and State; Power and Market (1962)


Being so similar puts Fascism/Nazism and Socialism/Communism properly on the same side of the political spectrum, the Left side.




Love, Left-on-Left-Style

Leftists link up with Leftists in WWII

Josef and Adolph sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. The tree was Poland; in 1939 (the year that the word “communazi” was coined) the Nazi-Commies chopped it down and together tore the Poles limb-from-limb.


But the Leftist Hitler + Stalin love affair was too hot not too cool down. In the end, they were too much alike. (Since both were evil, bloodthirsty Leftist dictators, the break-up was nasty, resulting in the deaths of millions, a thing that happens in the annals of Leftism.)  


Far from being Left-Right opposites, the two dictators were more like Leftist clones. They loved controllism and mass murder.



The true and simple Difference

No matter how much Leftists try to confuse the labels and the issues, absolute control — whatever you call it, Communism Nazism or any other name — is absolutely Leftist. The core element and goal of Leftism is to use government to control the rest of us, to control the people who would prefer to be free. Leftists are the people who want government to be bigger and more powerful. The Right, on the other hand, wants rights and freedom. That is the difference. Everyone who wants to make government bigger and more powerful is a Leftist, whatever they call themselves or Rightists.




Left versus Right

political spectrum is really the

Control versus Freedom



The Left would love to fool us on this issue, but it isn’t the Right who love government control.

All Leftists actually love big government.



















Are You Far Right?

To be farther Right is to want less government control over you and other Americans, and more freedom for us. Hope that ‘far Right’ truthfully describes you.


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