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Leftist Untruth #18: “The Left Opposes Slavery”


Why do we let the Left get away with the lie that they hate slavery? Don’t let them fool you; Leftists loves slavery.



The Leftists bleat about “muh slavery” and blame many current — or imagined — problems on an institution that ended in the Western world long before anyone in the U.S. today was even alive. The Democrat Party and groups like Black Lives Matter demand “reparations” for ancient slavery, that occurred in the distant past, and do little or nothing to help the people who really are slaves now. Not hundreds of years ago — today. It’s true.


Because slavery didn’t end. In spite of the efforts of right-thinking Americans and Western Europeans to end it, slavery exists today, and it is cruel, and widespread. Many more people are slaves in 2023 than were in 1619.


You may not know it if your only source of information is the mainstream media, but modern slavery is huge. “40 million people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery worldwide”, according to the group Anti-Slavery. That’s more than the total population of California or Canada. “1 in 4 of them are children. Almost three quarters (71%) are women and girls.” Almost all of the slaves are people of color, and so are almost all of the slave owners and slave sellers.  https://www.antislavery.org/slavery-today/modern-slavery/


Who is really responsible for the slavery in the world today? Leftists, Governments, and Muslims. I.e. the people who have always been the real slavers.


Some True History, for a change

Beginning in the 1350s, Muslims of the Ottoman Empire enslaved as many as 2 million white people from Crimea and the Balkans, and Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and other nations. "The Untold Story of White Slavery (Ottoman Turks, Arab and Barbary Muslim Slave Trade)"



In the 1700s, thousands of American citizens were enslaved by North African Muslims. And Thomas Sowell wrote about, "...the vast numbers of Europeans also enslaved in centuries past in the Islamic world and within Europe itself. At least a million Europeans were enslaved by North African pirates alone from 1500 to 1800."  Thomas Sowell, "Hidden Facts About the End of Slavery" YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krk9THR8v-k


It was not until 1877, fourteen years after the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the U.S., that an Anglo-Egyptian treaty prohibited the sale of white slaves in Africa and the Middle East. The truth is that the vast majority of people who, in the history of the world, sold or owned slaves were themselves black and/or Muslim. And many of the slaves that they sold and owned were white. When white people were involved in slavery, it was mostly a black-on-white crime. But don't expect to hear the truth from the Leftists who write the history books, teach in schools, or control the media.



Slavery by Governments

We could, and perhaps should, argue that all of the billions of people who are and have been the subjects of totalitarian Leftist regimes were and are slaves. Governments do enslave people. By the millions and billions.


If you think of slave labor in the past, you might get a mental image of people of color picking cotton two hundred years ago. But, according to Anti-Slavery, in 2021 the governments of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan enslaved over a million people to harvest cotton by hand. According to the International Labor Organization, in 2016, there were “4 million persons in forced labour imposed by state authorities.” https://www.ilo.org/global/topics/forced-labour/lang--en/index.htm



Where you will still find Classic Slavery in the 21st Century

What most Americans think of as ‘slavery’ is, in modern slavery terms, called “descent based’ slavery”. Anti-Slavery defines it:


Descent-based slavery describes a situation where people are born into slavery because their ancestors were captured into slavery and their families have ‘belonged’ to the slave-owning families ever since.


Where in the world is this still practiced and by whom? In Africa, the historical and world headquarters of slavery, and by Africans. “This form of slavery can still be found across the Sahel belt of Africa, including MauritaniaNiger, Mali, Chad, and Sudan. Many other African societies also have a traditional hierarchy where people are known to be the descendants of slaves or slave-owners.”


freeslaves.org“Black lives matter” to the Left? If that were true, the Leftists would be ending real slavery, freeing black people, instead of looting Target stores, blocking interstates, burning cars and buildings, assaulting people in the United States, and whining incessantly about how badly they are treated by America, and demanding more handouts for themselves. When was the last time you heard BLM, Antifa, or any higher-up in the Democrat Party say anything about real slavery, the enslavement of millions of people of color in dozens of nations? The people who really are on the ground in slave nations, the people who are working to free bond slaves, forced-labor slaves, and forced-marriage slaves, are almost all tiny, right-leaning Christian organizations, freeing real slaves one at a time.



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Tens of thousands of Christians are enslaved by Muslims in Sudan.

CSI has been working on the ground in Sudan since 1995 to liberate Christians and other non-Muslims forced into slavery by Islamist militiamen

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Young Christian Girls in Forced Labor and Sex Slavery

Breaking the Silence in Bangladesh

Persecution.org slavery


A Pakistani Slave’s Story

“Before his accident, Nadeem, a faithful Christian man, had been working as a slave laborer in a brick factory for ten years. Like millions of others in Pakistan, he is in bond slavery due to a debt. Most of these slaves are tricked, lured, or forced into servitude because of loans or debts incurred through their illiteracy and desperate poverty. Nadeem, however, entered his servitude ten years ago by his own choice – a choice he made through selfless love to save others from slavery.

“Nadeem’s brother had a debt through a loan. When the brother died, his widow and her children could not make payments, and the creditor came to take the whole family as slaves. To save his sister-in-law and her kids from this fate, Nadeem went to the creditor and took responsibility for their debt himself, and went to work in their place so they could be free.

“For ten years Nadeem worked at the brick plant, but because of exorbitant interest rates, the principal debt was not repaid. Sadly, he had a recent accident at work which injured his leg. Since Nadeem is unable to work, the master is now starting proceedings to enslave Nadeem’s own wife and children.


“All of this misery and suffering that this family has gone through for all these years has been over a debt of only $430. If they don't get help, Nadeem's wife and children will probably be forced into a horrible life of toil and danger that could go on for generations.”


Radha's story

Radha’s husband died two years ago. He was in debt and working as a slave making bricks for a cruel factory owner. When he died, Radha immediately had to go to work in his place. With no one else to look after them, her four young children would go to the brick factory with her.


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Radha and kids at brick factory


By herself, Radha is unable to keep up with the work her husband had to do, though she works all day long and late into the night. Her older children work hard too, trying their best to help their mother because they know that when she can’t finish her work, their cruel master will beat her without mercy.


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The children work as best they can to help their mother


Worn out physically and emotionally herself and desperate for a better life for her children, Radha is praying fervently to be set free from this unbearable situation. She and her family are stuck in horrible slavery with no hope of freedom unless God works a miracle in their lives.


From The Independent Church in India  


Maybe Nadeem or Radha should have asked for help from BLM or Antifa, or Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, or the Washington Post. Those Leftists hate slavery, they say.


What did happen to Radha? He was freed by small donations from American Christians, some of whom could probably barely afford to contribute, taxes on productive people in the U.S. being what they are. While the people who run BLM were buying multiple mansions, Christians who work hard at real jobs and sometimes find it hard to scrape together enough to pay for necessities were giving money to free real slaves now, today.


“I had been praying for my situation and for my freedom since I got stuck in slavery. I have spent all these days and nights in indescribable suffering. I was believing that God would send His chosen people to help me. It took time, but God’s timing is always perfect. God is so good, he has rescued me through His people!” Nadeem


The truth is that Leftists will never end slavery. They believe in less freedom, are on the side of more control. Leftists love control and hierarchies of control. They love giving more power to governments, which enslave millions of people today, just as Leftist governments have enslaved billions of people in the past. It is the Right who love freedom, not the Left.


If, someday, all the slaves in the world are really freed, the people who free them will be the people of the Right. So believe in what is right, click on a link to one of the organizations. Free a slave. It’s the right thing to do.


In 1998, Leftists (i.e. UNESCO and other institutions) decreed that August 23 be the International Day for the Remembrance of the Abolition of Slavery. The lie in that is that slavery never ended. Leftists keep it alive. They want to enslave the world.