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The Most Tragic Death from COVID?

Of all the damage done, what was the worst loss we suffered?


Who really caused COVID itself, and the health damage done by the vaccine, is finally becoming public knowledge. Thank God for the people who have stood up to tell the truth, when so many powerful forces are punishing people for doing that. Now that the damage toll is becoming known, what was the worst loss we suffered?


The excess deaths and the health problems caused by the vaccines? Or is it possible that the secondary damage done to our society by the government regulators is even worse. The isolation in the lockdowns. The breaks in the supply chain and the subsequent shortages and inflation, and the other economic damage. Draconian, tyrannical actions by government regulators have effects, it turns out.




On March 19, 2024, Substacker John Leake cited two academic papers that reported what so many of us knew: Virtually everything the government did was not only useless, it caused severe damage to our society.








The first of the papers, “COVID Lessons Learned” A Retrospective After Four Years” by four credentialed academics, listed ten things the government got wrong and should have done differently. It concluded that, “One result of the government’s error-ridden COVID response was that Americans have justifiably lost faith in public health institutions. Lockdowns, school closures, and mandates were catastrophic errors, pushed with remarkable fervor by public health authorities at all levels."


That paper cited a 2021 Danish study on, “Emergencies: On the Misuse of Government Powers”. The research showed that not only do government regulators fail to deal with emergencies effectively, they actually make crises worse.  If you doubt that as exaggeration or some libertarian anti-government extremism, stop and think about what government regulators really did. They turned a cold-like virus into a massively disastrous global human tragedy.


To quote the study, “We find that the more advantages emergency constitutions confer to the executive, the higher the number of people killed as a consequence of a natural disaster, controlling for its severity. As this is an unexpected result…”



The more power that our rulers get from emergencies (most of which they cause) the more damaging the emergencies are.










Governments did a lot more damage during COVID than is widely known. 2% of the babies born every year in the U.S. need assisted reproductive technology. Because of the government lockdowns in 2020, thousands of American families who needed IVF to have a child could not, and those babies were not born.
















And a certain illusion was also a victim of government’s COVID tyranny.


Our illusion that the Constitution will protect us from the overreach of government tyrants. It won’t. The officers of courts, and the other officials who took an oath to defend the Constitution, will not defend it. They will carry out the illegal decrees of the tyrants.


They proved that beyond doubt in 2020.


As a result of Obamacare and other government programs, the U.S. health care system has been nationalized. Deep state bureaucrats control it. They can issue dictatorial decrees, and apparently they answer to no one.




Probably the only real, effective resistance of scale by the public against the government tyranny was that of the Canadian truckers. Many brave individuals in the U.S. and Canada stood up against the tyranny, but they were successfully beaten down. The truckers’ resistance was a lot bigger and more successful than almost any Americans know, because the media was able to hide the truth from us.


The lockdowns destroyed the illusion that the Constitution will protect Americans from the overreach of despicable tyrants. Or that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will protect the Canadian people. To quote Autonomous Truck(er)s Substack The Crown has Nothing on Anyone at Coutts”, “The Charter, like so many other contracts between state and citizen across the West, can now best be described as used toilet paper.”


The officers of U.S. courts, and the police and other officials who took oaths to defend the U.S. Constitution, will not defend it. With very few exceptions, the officials will unquestioningly carry out the illegal decrees of the tyrants.


The US constitution and the Bill of Rights played virtually no role in limiting the state's power during the emergency. The naive view of constitutionalism would have us believe that everything worked as designed as the "balance of powers" maintained a rule of law. That's not what happened. What remains of freedom today was saved by nothing other than the limited amount of public resistance that made the regime think twice about extending indefinitely its experiment in tyranny.

Ryan McMaken, “Covid Showed Us Who Really Rules America” Mises Wire (2024)





Now that we begin to learn the full extent of the damage done by government regulators, which of them will be held accountable?


The police who knowingly enforced illegal decrees? The tyrants who issued the unconstitutional decrees and ordered the arrest of protestors, the lockdown of churches, while looking into the cameras as they lied and lied and lied? The politicians who did not obey the decrees that they forced on the public? The mass media who spread the lies?

The deep state bureaucrats who funded gain of function research to make a virus worse?


The teachers’ union members and management who demanded that the schools be closed?

The pharmacy corporations? The army of entitled Faucis who rule over the nationalized health monstrosity? The officials who ordered that protestors be arrested?


Trillions of dollars were wasted or lost.  How many government regulators will ever be punished for what they did?



You know the answer. If any Americans still believed that their rulers were accountable surely that delusion is gone. The government regulators are above the laws that they impose on the rest of us.


As long as government regulators get more power from wars, we will have wars.

As long as governments use emergencies to take more control of us, we will have more emergencies, and those emergencies will be worse.


The only question left is, what are we going to do about it? Anything? Will we stand by truth and freedom? Or will we just stand by? Waiting for the next emergency.





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