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How Dems Steal the 2024 Election

It worked for them before.


Everyone is wondering how the Democrats will be able to steal the presidential election again in 2024. Especially since that theft is looking harder to achieve:

- the Dems’ attempt to use lawfare to keep Trump off the ballot looks less likely to succeed as SCOTUS voted no on it

- the polls show

   1. Trump with a growing lead over Biden

   2. minorities beginning t0 swing to Trump.

















How might the Dems do the steal? The never-Trump Wall Street Journal is worrying out loud that Trump’s attempts to avoid the steal will actually cause another Dem steal. But not the same way that they stole it in 2020. No, the Democrats may do another Turnout Steal, like the one they did back in 1948.


Trump is promoting the slogan “TOO BIG TOO RIG”, the idea being that if his margin of victory is big enough, even the Democrats’ powerful and ever-improving vote stealing techniques will not be able to steal enough votes. “We want a landslide,” Trump said at a rally. “We have to win so that it’s too big to rig.”


But the RINOs (including those at the WSJ, who still refuse to admit that the 2020 election was stolen) are saying that Trump’s rhetoric will backfire and, as the WSJ puts it, “…muddle the [Republican] party’s get-out-the-vote effort.” That, the RINOs say, could give the Dems the win.














The Democrat Turnout Steal of ‘48

One of the most iconic images from politics in the 20th century was the photo of the grinning Dem moron Harry Truman celebrating the election steal of 1948. He’s holding a newspaper with the headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman" after Truman won the 1948 presidential election. Truman, the widely disliked heir to FDR, was down in the polls and expected to lose the election, and newspapers were printed with an erroneous headline announcing victory for his opponent, Thomas Dewey. But was it a mistake, or intentional?





That fake news gave the Democrat Truman the win because voters in the west, where the polls were still open, saw the news of Truman’s victory and thought the election was decided. Truman’s support was mostly in the big cities on the East coast; the Republican Dewey’s was mostly in the West and the small towns and cities of the Midwest. So cutting the turnout in the West cost Dewey the election. Because swings of less than one percent of the popular vote just in Ohio, Illinois, and California alone (CA was Republican back then) would have given Dewey the win he actually deserved.


Since 1948, the TV networks have tried to pull the stunt again, by announcing during elections that Democrats had won when they really had not. But it never worked as well again as it did back in ’48. But who knows, maybe ’24 could be the year the Dems pull off the Turnout Steal again.


Or maybe the WSJ’s claims that Trump is hurting the right are just more RINO fake news. The Never-Trump + Dem UniParty coalition will probably have to find another way to thwart the will of the American people, again.



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