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the people rise — populist protests win worldwide?

Maybe the winning has finally begun.


Frankly, the only effective public resistance of scale against the Covid government tyranny was that of the Canadian truckers. Many brave individuals in the U.S. stood up against the tyranny, but they were successfully beaten down. Their protests had little effect in stopping the government tyranny. The truckers’ resistance was a lot bigger than Americans have been told, because the U.S. media was able to hide the truth from us.


The mere existence of conservative organizing is seen as an unforgivable sin by many on the left and all of the far left.

Andy Ngo, "Unmasking Texas Antifa members" YouTube (2022)


When the right organizes, the leftist media calls it Nazis and white supremacist terrorists. They used the word “populism” against Trump as soon as he won in 2016, trying to equate populism with fascist dictators. But it is the left who have really been acting out the role of fascist dictators, of course. Now the U.S. media is desperately trying to hide from us the truth that genuinely populist protests are springing up all over the Western world. And maybe those protests are even starting to win.


Think about the vast damage caused by the Covid lockdowns (as opposed to the damage done by the government-subsidized creation of the virus itself and the vaccines). Besides the economic damage that we are still suffering in the form of persistent inflation, the lockdowns destroyed the illusion that the Constitution will protect Americans from the overreach of government tyrants. Or that in Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will protect the Canadian people. To quote Autonomous Truck(er)s Substack The Crown has Nothing on Anyone at Coutts”, “The Charter, like so many other contracts between state and citizen across the West, can now best be described as used toilet paper.”


The officers of U.S. courts, and the police and other officials who took oaths to defend the U.S. Constitution, will not defend it. That’s the truth and they proved it in 2020. Instead, those officials will unquestioningly carry out the illegal decrees of tyrants.


The US constitution and the Bill of Rights played virtually no role in limiting the state's power during the emergency. The naive view of constitutionalism would have us believe that everything worked as designed as the "balance of powers" maintained a rule of law. That's not what happened. What remains of freedom today was saved by nothing other than the limited amount of public resistance that made the regime think twice about extending indefinitely its experiment in tyranny.

Ryan McMaken, "Covid Showed Us Who Really Rules America" Mises Wire (2024)




 But maybe the illegal government lockdowns had another kind of fallout, too. What if the people have had enough, have been pushed too far, and populism is starting to win?


Recently, the rightist Javier Milei was elected president in Argentina by a large majority.




And he has already made the kind of drastic cuts to government and government spending that RINOs in the U.S. say are impossible.













And there is good news from Portugal.

Portuguese Center-Right Coalition Ends Socialists' 8-Year Reign; Populist Party Soars

Tyler Durden's Photo


“In the latest demonstration of a broad swing to the political right among the peoples of Europe, a tight parliamentary election in Portugal has ended with the Socialist Party conceding that its 8-year grip on power has ended. A center-right coalition emerged with a thin edge, while a populist, anti-immigration, tough-on-crime party emerged as a major force.”


Perhaps at some point the progressive/socialists will re-think their policies on the issues that are driving so many European countries to the right. Pretty sure that's how democracy is supposed to work. They may have to rethink their knee-jerk instinct to react to any criticism of the immigration problem by just hurling racist and xenophobic accusations...maybe have a rational, realistic discussion regarding the pros and cons of allowing so many uneducated, unskilled, young men from different cultures that don't assimilate well into their country. Maybe immigration policy should be more about what's best for the country? Crazy, I know.”



Farmers for the Win

The leftist mass media is in no hurry to report this news, but the Euro-Farmers’ Protests are starting to win.


This week, the farmers won their biggest concession yet. Under pressure from EU leaders and her own conservative political group, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen dumped parts of her cherished Green Deal climate law.

Alice Hancock and Andy Bounds, “The Power of Europe’s Rebellious Farmers”, Financial Times (2024)


The FT article recounting the gains made by the farmers’ protests is pretty long (archived here), but it doesn’t mention the Canadian truckers’ protest



 And it’s true enough that anti-government protests by farmers have a long history that predates the 21st century. In fact, none of the articles pictured mention the Canadian protests (perhaps the mass media are not eager to suggest a global uprising of the productive people against the elites and the governments).
























O Canada. Oh no Trudeau.

Remember, the Canadian elite class and their media conglomerate were so afraid of the growing sense of freedom the truckers represented that they constructed a narrative that claimed references to honking were dogwhistles for ‘Hail Hitler.’

Badlands Media


They scared. Honk Honk.

 Simon Esler  


The photos of working people driving heavy equipment through the downtowns of capital cities will look familiar to people who saw what little coverage of the Canadian protest coverage that managed to make it past the pro-government mass media gatekeepers. The Canadian truckers may be an example to the European farmers. The truckers’ protest was about Canada, of course, and the injustice and oppression of the tyrannical Trudeau regime (which keeps getting worse and worse). But not just about Canada. Read Tamara Lich's book Hold the Line or Honking for Freedom by Benjamin Dichter, both excellent books. From the very beginning, the protesters made it clear that what they were doing was about freedom.


Some Canadian truckers have recently been released after two years in prison with no bail and lengthy time in solitary confinement. The trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber is in adjournment, but both still face up to ten years in prison on charges of “mischief”. And the Canadian government still supports a $300 million class action suit against the truckers. So in a way, the Canadian protest goes on (for updates read Autonomous Truck(er)s Substack).


Rightful Freedom is not Canadian, but the truckers’ protest was about freedom, and we are definitely for freedom. The lyrics of O Canada include the lines “…Our own beloved native land, Our True North, strong and free!”


Stay strong, Canadian truckers. And let freedom roll.

















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