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The “Our Democracy” Hypocrisy

“We must protect our democracy hypocrisy,” the mockingbird media.


Leftists use the phrase "our democracy" to mean "our anti-democratic regime". What the leftists really want to protect is not “their democracy” it’s their hypocrisy.



While the mass media pretends that leftist despotism is “democracy”, they say that our calls for democracy are “populism”. Their "democracy" is the anti-democratic leftist regime now controlling the US government and the big institutions.


“democracy” “populism” “liberalism”… The leftists switch the meanings around like a crook running a shell game.

Leftism = Democracy?

The socialists have engineered a semantic revolution in converting the meaning of terms into their opposite.

Ludwig von Mises, excerpt from "Liberty and Property" 1958, published in 2021 by the Mises Institute


Leftists changed the word (classical, freedom loving) “liberal” to refer to leftism. Ther changed to color red from being the color of leftists to being the color of the right.


In the constantly-changing dictionary of leftism:

Democracy n. a system where leftist elites replace representative government and the rule-of-law with decrees issued by unaccountable deep state tyrants. 






Meanwhile, the desire of Americans for real freedom and democracy are now “populism”. And populism, the leftist media says, is evil. It’s a threat to “our democracy”. Why? The leftists tell us it’s because populist leaders want bigger, more powerful and authoritarian governments. But wait, isn’t bigger and more powerful government what leftists always want?


Yes, it is.



Democracy Dies at the Washington Post

















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