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Uniparty: The New Purple Gang

It seems that the United States now has a 1-party political system and 1 party rule.


Also, they [the Republicans and Democrats] could just meld in to Imperial purple at this point, given the utter lack of difference in policy we get from one side or the other.

Substacker Motw, in a comment about “The Blue-Red Mystery” Rightful Freedom (2024)   


We are told that the Democrats are blue and the Republicans are red. Red + Blue =  Uniparty  imperial purple.

Why is the Uniparty the Imperial “Purple Gang”?

In the 1920s, the Purple Gang became Detroit's top criminal gang. Composed predominantly of Jews (according to Wikipedia), the gang started out with extortion, i.e. the protection racket.





Not remembered much now, the Purple Gang was once world-famous; Ian Fleming wrote about the Purple Gang in his most popular James Bond novels including GoldfingerDiamonds Are ForeverThunderball, and The Man with the Golden Gun.


Now, in the 21st century, a new Purple Gang — the U.S. Uniparty — is the apex of organized crime. Like the original Purple Gang, the Uniparty Purple Gang started its crime reign with an extortion racket.






What do you get for the taxes you pay?


Most people have to think about what they pay taxes to get and say:

The roads?

Police protection?

Military defense?


But we all know that most of the money that government regulators take from us does not really go for those things. In 2022, the federal government alone spent $5.8 trillion. Only 13% of that went to “national defense activities” (most of which was probably not really spent on defending the borders from foreign enemies, but rather for things like spying on Americans). Much less than 13% each was spent on roads or police agencies (who also spend a lot of their budgets to spy on Americans). Probably less than a fourth of the money that government regulators spent went for what Americans believe that they are paying for.


So what are we really paying for when the government takes our money? Most of us pay taxes because if we don’t pay the government regulators, they will arrest us and throw us in a federal prison, where we will be gang raped by people of our sex and a different race. Most of what we are buying with taxes is to keep the government regulators from doing that to us. Because they will, if we don’t pay.


Protection from government. The primary activity of the government is extortion. Extorting protection money.


Who are you really more afraid of? The FBI-ATF-IRS, or the mafia and burglars? How much would you pay in taxes if you were not afraid that the government would imprison or kill you for not paying? Half as much? Less than that? If so, most of what you are paying is really protection money, extorted from you by heavily armed organized criminals. The government regulators.

Of course the government commits lots of other crimes against you, breaking its own laws to do so. Like illegally spying on you. If people who don’t obey the laws are outlaws then the U.S. government regulators are the biggest criminal organization in history, by far.

Why “Purple”?

We tell the story of the leftist media’s deceptive color scheme in. The short version is:

The color of leftists is actually red.  The color of the right is blue. In 2000, the media intentionally switched the colors, so that election maps wouldn’t associate Democrats with communism. So the two parties are still red and blue, and if you mix red and blue you, of course, get purple.


The socialists have engineered a semantic revolution in converting the meaning of terms into their opposite... and the one party principle is in fact a no-party principle. It is a suppression of any kind of opposition.

Ludwig von Mises, excerpt from "Liberty and Property" 1958, published in 2021 by the Mises Institute


Are our rulers socialists or criminals? Is there a real difference?

The U.S. Purple Gang is the Victory of Socialism in America

That the U.S. now has a 1-party system (as did the USSR) means, for one thing, that the government regulators are unaccountable to the people. We don’t really have a republic anymore; we have rule by kleptocratic criminals. You can’t vote the Uniparty out of office if all the candidates are members of the same party (just as all the candidates in Soviet elections were members of the Communist party).


It seems that the political "partisanship" in Washington is theater. The Republicans are controlled opposition. The Uniparty candidates who run as "Democrats" promise bigger government, more centralized and more powerful government, higher taxes, and when elected they enact that. Uniparty candidates who run as “Republicans” promise the opposite and when elected always enact what the "Democrats" promised: bigger government, more centralized and more powerful government, and higher taxes.


...what’s driving the increase in regulation. One possible culprit has never been studied before: a large expansion of rulemakers who are not democratically account­able.

Angela C. Erickson and Thomas Berry "But Who Rules the Rulemakers?" Pacific Legal Foundation (2019)



Republicans Rescue Biden’s Agenda

Will the infrastructure bill grease the wheels for the Democrats’ $4 trillion spending blowout?

Nov. 7, 2021, 5:12 pm ET


The press is full of triumphant accounts of how Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden saved their party, the country, and maybe the future of mankind by passing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill through the House late Friday night. It’s more accurate to say their divided party was rescued by 13 Republicans who voted with the Democrats.


Today, we are ruled more and more by excessive regulation and executive fiat... Under Democrats and Republicans, the administrative state has only expanded.

Senator Chuck Grassley, speech (2018)


Did Grassley say that to blame other Uniparty members, or was he saying it to brag about his accomplishments as a RepliCrat?








It's a crime what the U.S. government regulators are doing to America. The Elephonkey is a monster. If we don’t kill it, it is probably going to kill us.




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