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A New Mass Media Anti-Trump Defense Strategy

Trump who?


Is it just us, or is the Mass Media testing a new Trump-Defense Strategy? The silent treatment.


Maybe the first sign was MSNBC not broadcasting Trump’s Iowa victory speech. At first, Rachel Maddow declined even to use Trump’s name. Instead, referring to “the projected winner of the Iowa caucus.” AKA The Politician Formerly Known as Trump.


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Could it be? Is the long-time TDS-suffering mass media accepting the fact: To persecute Trump they must publicize Trump, and that always just makes Trump stronger.


To test this, on several days recently we searched the landing page of the Financial Times for the word “Trump” and there were… none. Zero. That’s odd, especially in the week of the official opening of the primary season and U.S. presidential campaign. TDS is usually rife on FT. We would have looked at numerous other mass media outlets to see if Trump was also missing there, but looking at numerous mass media news outlets makes us sick. Would you mind doing that for us and reporting back? Too much to ask? Oh well.


It’s just a theory, anyway. Is there any extent to which the mass media still considers itself a business, and not entirely just a system for advancing the leftist political agenda? If so, then the mass media can hardly afford to erase Trump from their content. He who has been their best circulation builder.

See “How Trump Both Saved and Changed the Mainstream Media, and why they want him back,” by Euphoric Recall, in 2023.


And as Jordan Schachtel wrote in his Substack, TDS is the big media’s money maker. “At the beginning of the Trump era, The L.A. Times saw a 100% year-over-year increase in newspaper subscriptions. Now they're losing $40 million a year. The corporate media needs their Bad Guy back.”


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How to illustrate the New Mass Media Trump-Anonymous Strategy (if it turns out to be real):


1. Prompt AI: “Photo of an attractive female TV news journalist sitting at a desk in a studio not talking about Trump.”

2. In Adobe Illustrator, above the journalist’s head, add an empty speech bubble.






































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